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Do you need a new Digital Antenna for your TV? Here are 10 Reasons why

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Do you need a new Digital Antenna for your TV? Here are 10 Reasons why

Antennas date back as far as the human mind can imagine. In their days, antennas were the sole and the most popular method of catching television signals, however with the advent of cables; they started to lose their popularity. The cables have now become a more frequently used method in television media, causing the disappearance of antennas from many households. However, while comparing the two mediums of signal communication, antennas tend to have more positive elements as compared to cable. The antennas have progressed and managed to become digital over the years, therefore, the antennas are now present in form of a modern technology. Installing and using the digital antennas for the television set has multiple advantages over using cable.

  1. Antennas are cheaper than cable

Antennas are a one-time investment as the user needs to spend money in installing the antenna system and do not need to pay the monthly payment for using the facility. On the other hand, cables require a greater amount to be spent over them. After the successful setting up of the cable system, the monthly payment to keep the cable activated needs to be paid. Therefore, in order to keep the cable connected to the television set the individual needs to spend more money on it as compared to the money involved in setting up the antenna. The antenna packages vary in their cost and can be chosen according to requirements of the user.

  1. The antennas have a greater range of channels

The channels present on the cables are often determined by the cable operators and although the channels can be added to the cable on the individual’s request but with additional payment. However, antennas have a wide variety of channels which do not need to be added by asking the operators and can be viewed without paying any additional charges. Therefore, considering the number of channels the individual is able to view on the television using an antenna are greater than those available on cable. Moreover, the few channels present on the antennas vary such that they provide complete late-night shows and has a variety of entertainment channels which are usually not found on the cable.

  1. Cable may be cheating the user

Majority of cable companies and cable operators are often cheating the individual and are charging extremely high prices for the channels. The channels which are usually offered free or at a very cheap price are charged heavily by the cable operators. The cable operators tend to charge a huge price for already existing channels and even the channels being distributed are also at a high price. The channels, if requested specifically, are also provided to the user at an extremely high price which prevents the users from requesting new channels. Therefore, to prevent oneself from being charged heavily, using the antenna is suggested.

  1. Antennas provide better visual quality

As compared to the visual quality provided by the cable is often really bad as compared to that provided by the antenna. The digital antennas commonly have HD and HDTV visual which often appeals to the user when compared to bad picture quality provided by the cable operators. The main reason for the better-quality visuals offered by the antennas is due to the uncompressed signals it often receives. As the signal transmitted by the cable is often compressed, the picture and video quality received by the user deteriorates gradually.

  1. Antennas do not get affected by the weather

The constant weather changes have often led to the shutdown of the cable systems and caused the users great distress and difficulties. In times of heavy outpour, the rain corrupts the cable causing the channels to become distorted and the often the signals being received vanish immediately. Antennas, however, are weather friendly and are made to deal with all forms of weather. The pioneer antennas used to fail and cause the channel distortion; however, with the new digital technology being added into the antenna systems, they are able to withstand any climatic changes. The shield against strong wind and rain along with them being waterproof allow the antennas to intercept signals and provide the user with the clear HD channels.

  1. Antennas are important for the entertainment boxes

In order to avail the entertainment channels from all over the world, the cable needs to be appended with another top up box (dish TV box) which provides a limited number of additional channels. The top-up boxes often provide the user with many new channels which may not be being offered to the specific country. The setting up and the monthly payment for the top up box weigh heavily on the individual’s budget along with the cable costs. Antennas, on the other hand, have these channels as they tend to receive signals from different satellites of the world. The user only needs to unlock the desired channels in order to entertain them.

  1. Antennas are not affected by the location

In case the individual resides in an isolated area, cable operators find it difficult to accommodate the person as the companies often operate in the busy areas of the cities. The spreading to the isolated areas have no incentive for the cable companies, thus the user is unable to avail the cable facilities due to the uncommon location of their residence. Antennas, however, operate using satellite signals and can catch the signals from any rooftop. As the antennas will be able to intercept signals despite the isolation of the area, the location of the customer is not a hindrance for the antenna companies.

  1. Antenna signals are not affected by heights

As cable signals are often referred to as the “line of sight” signal, it is easy to understand the distortion of the signal due to heights. As the height of the residence increases, the signal gets weaker and weaker. The cable is unable to transmit the signal properly in case the television set is placed in relatively higher places. Antennas, on the other hand, tend to have a stronger signal at higher places and provide the higher places television sets with better and clearer channels.

  1. Cable signals are weakened by the infrastructure

In geographically difficult areas, with mountains and trees clustered together, it is difficult for the cable companies to provide cable facilities to the customers present in these areas. Antennas, however, are able to facilitate such customers and they can view channels without any significant distortion. Moreover, apart from the geographical boundaries, the cables are also limited by the buildings and the roads. The further the residence is from the network channel; the longer cables are needed to be laid down causing the weakening of the signal. Antennas are not at all affected by such barriers and the signals do not deflect in case of an antenna signal.

  1. Antennas make use of advanced technology

In the world of such drastic technological advancements, it is extremely important that the companies are up to date and all their products use the finest technology. The cable companies, however, have very little and almost negligible control over the induction of technology in cables. The maximum update occurring in the cables is the replacement of the micro cables used for the signal transmission. The best form of cable present in the market is optic fibre; however, it’s used is merely restricted to the internet providing companies or the departments who lay down cable under water. Due to its extremely high price and its delicate nature causing it to break easily, optic fibres cannot be used in the country for the day to day cable transmission. The cable companies are therefore forced to use copper cables.

Unlike the cable system, antennas are extremely advanced in using technology and new emerging products to improve their transmission. As the transmission is based upon the intercepting of satellite signals which travel at the speed of light in form of radio waves, the transmission is considerably faster. Moreover, the companies have stationed boosters which intercept the radio waves before transmitting them to the various antennas. The booster is also known as a repeater which tends to amplify the received signal and then send it to the antennas ensuring that the customers receive a considerably stronger signal with high picture and video quality.

Although, antennas have made significant advancements and are more digitalized than the operating cable companies, the act of selecting the correct and most suitable antenna package determines the advantages it has to offer. Selecting a package which provides the wrong set of channels will certainly disappoint the user and all the stated advantages will not be applicable.

Many different antennas exist in the market with varying packages. The omnidirectional antennas have signals coming from all directions and can leave the customer dishevelled with the huge list of channels, while the directional antennas have a more refined list of channels to offer. Choosing the correct antenna is to determine the type of service the user requires and shortlist the available antennas. The antenna companies have a list of packages and the channels in each package from which the customer can choose. The user depending upon their requirement and their interest can select the package and avail the benefits it has to offer.

A very big misconception often associated with the antennas is regarding the existence of “magical antennas”. A magical antenna is the most suited antenna ever made which can be used by any individual irrespective of their gender, occupation, interest and requirements. The magical antenna is thought to provide a very huge range of channels which can be locked and unlocked by the customer according to their will and desire. Moreover, the magical antenna is highly inexpensive and easily available. These misconceptions have led many individuals to buy the incorrect antenna and wasting their money. After the unsuccessful experience with the antenna, they tend to turn to cable companies along with causing the individual to prefer cable over an antenna. The magical antenna is a non-existent product and it is not available to the users. The concept of a magical antenna is completely false, as no antenna can offer a list of channels which may unlock without any active involvement of the company. Moreover, the list of channels varies in ever package and no existing package can offer all the available channels. In order to avail the entertainment provided by all the channels, the individual needs to take many packages simultaneously. The packages come at various prices and taking multiple packages at a time can cause a huge amount of money being spent on them. This may be a huge dent in the user’s budget and therefore, it is recommended to try different packages one by one.

Antennas are one of the oldest transmission methods used and has progressed gradually over the years. The antenna companies have come up with detailed packages and a better-refined list of channels. Moreover, the developments in making the antennas efficient have also been taking place. The technological developments which have taken place to make the transmission easier have also been used by the antenna companies. The signals often received by the antennas are noise free and do not contain any significant interruptions. The noise and the interruptions are filtered out from the received signals by the mechanism installed in the antennas. The use of boosters and repeaters also cause a relatively stronger signal to be received, providing the user with the best quality videos and images. Although cable operators tend to have many advantages to offer to their customers, however, the antenna companies have better incentives. The companies are technologically advanced and are offering the users the best present products.

In order to avail the benefits of using an antenna, it is essential that the individual buys the correct antenna from a renowned company and selects the most appropriate package. The package must be in accordance to their needs and requirements. Failing to do so may result in a bad experience with antenna transmission.

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