If you live in Mernda then you probably live in a new home. It is quite common for builders to not have installed an antenna in your home. At Elite Technologies we are local and just around the corner from you in Doreen.

Our Mernda Antenna Installation Service includes: mernda

  • Double Storey Homes
  • A reliable high strength connection
  • An indicative estimate on the cost of installation and/or a new antenna

Antenna Repairs

Sometimes Antennas break.  If you have lived in Mernda for even a short period you will know that it can get quite windy. Our local antenna installers are accustomed to this and install only the most robust antennas that will give you long life and manufacturer warranty.  If your antenna just needs to be repaired we will let you know though you may want to consider one of our new antennas should the antenna have broken in wind or has not performed as expected.

CCTV Installation

While Elite Technologies are well known for our Antenna Installations we also offer CCTV installation. This service is in high demand during November and December so we highly recommend that you get in early. An advanced CCTV system can take several hours to install and test and there are only so many hours in the day, so please get in early and call us on 0455 203 449


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